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MathTalk Commands: Voicing Algebra Example


Welcome to MathTalk™

Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. is the Leader in
Speech Recognition Mathematics Software.

Do math without a keyboard or mouse.

For Students, Teachers, Professionals…

MathTalk™ Works on both PC and Mac.  For the Mac, use Boot Camp/Parallels.

• No need to write math!
• Users can voice math work – then email, print work or save work.
• MathTalk™ work can be saved as .rtf file and opened in Word.
• Voice pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, graphing and more.
• MathTalk™ includes ScientificNotebook™5.5; users can choose to translate math to Braille in Duxbury Braille Translator.
• MathTalk™ Requires Dragon® NaturallySpeaking 12, 13, DPI 14/15-any version.
• MathTalk™ / ScientificNotebook™5.5 (Student Version) – SRP $295
• MathTalk™ / ScientificNotebook™5.5 (Teacher Version) – SRP $345
• See MathTalk™ Bundle Pricing below; includes Dragon NS.

MathTalk™ Voicing Pre-Algebra Example

Click the screenshot below to View the Video
MathTalk™ Voicing Pre Algebra Part II - Fractions, Integers, Variables

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MathTalk™ Bundle Pricing

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DNS = Dragon® NaturallySpeaking | SN = ScientificNotebook™ | DPI = Dragon® Pro Individual

PRICING UPDATE Aug 1, 2018: $30 Price Increase